Hoyts cinemas

Movie Sessions

Hoyts was established in the 1920s. Ever since it was created it has been providing so many successful innovations when it comes to the film exhibition industry. Now, Hoyts already have 350 screens together with the biggest exhibitors in the nation and in the entire oceanic region. Hoyts also have showcase cinemas in Sydney, Victoria and Perth. The cinemas that Hoyts have in these areas are Fox Studio, Chatswood, Chadstone, Melbourne Central, and Carousel. Hoyts is also very famous for the different kinds of customized viewing experience it can offer to their customers such as the Directors, La Premiere, and Cinema Paris. There are a lot of features that the Hoyts Cinemas can offer to their audiences.

La Premiere

One of the features that Hoyts Cinemas can offer is the La Premiere. This is a luxury cinema situated in the best viewing positions in some of the specific auditoriums or in certain complexes. If you have a La Premiere ticket, then you can enjoy the bar and the lounge right before or after you watch the film. There are a lot of foods and drinks that you can choose from in the bar and lounge. Le Premiere movie sessions is now open in most Hoyts cinemas all over the nation.

Director’s Suite

The Director’s Suite is almost the same with Le Premiere. The only difference between the two is that the Director’s Suite is in a separate cinema, unlike the La Premiere which is just at the back of the general admissions cinema. This cinema house has leather recliner seats, foods, beverage and other services. These things are only exclusive to those Director’s Suite ticket holders.

Bean Bag Cinema

Instead of sitting in normal cinema seats, you will be sitting on really large bean bags in the Bean Bag Cinema. If you are with your friends and you just want to chill out while you watch a movie, then the Bean Bag Cinema is the best for you. This cinema was used to be called “the half pipe” cinema, after May 2010 it was changed to Bean Bag Cinema.


This feature that Hoyts cinemas has to offer is very famous for having the best sound and the biggest screen in the entire complex. Hoyts Blacktown is the biggest screen at around 28 meters wide. You will truly be blown away by the movie experience you will have in this movie house.

Hoyts IMAX

Hoyts also have the IMAX. This is one of the best movie experience you will ever have in your life. You will be enjoying a 2D or a 3D movie experience that has a lot of extra more features. This will make you feel like you are really part of the movie.