Welcome to this website that is all about the movies. There is a collection of information here that will be enjoyed by anyone that wants to have a closer look at movies based on their popularity as well as all the other factors that go into movie making. All too often movies are taken for granted, and things that go on behind the scenes are not often thought about. Undoubtedly the main purpose of this site is to bring some of these details to the forefront, which will create a greater appreciation of what it takes to make a movie and some of the thinking that goes into it.

High Attraction Movies

Those that are in the movie production business have the goal of being able to to produce those movies that are going to attract the largest audiences. This is where the money is made at the box office, and they are able to recoup the money that they have put into their production as well as make a profit. Not every movie is able to achieve this.

Here there is an interesting post that covers the movies that have been considered to be the most watched, taking into account worldwide audiences. It is most interesting to see the collection of the different themes that the movies are based on. There doesn’t seem to appear to be any one favourite themed movie that takes over the list of the most-watched. There is a selection of movies here that vary from action and adventure to animated.

Cost Factors

Usually, those that are looking for a good movie don’t put much thought or even care about how much the cost of the movie was to produce. Their focus is on it being able to entertain them through its entirety. Emphasis is put on who is starring in the movie and the theme of the movie itself.

For the producers, however, it is a different story. They do care about the audience a great deal as this is what is going to justify the cost that is put into the movies that they are making. They have to pay a great deal of attention to the wants and needs of the moviegoers in order to be able to do a production that is going to bring a good rate of return.

They will consider themselves fortunate if they do break even; however, this does not do well for their reputation. Here we have produced a post that talks about some of the most expensive movies that were ever made. Many of them paid off well for the cost involved, although there were a few flops when it came to the rate of return.

Movies About Animals

There are all kinds of movie genres that attract people to the movie theatre. These can range from comedy to adventure to fantasy and many more. One that has proven to be very successful is those based on animals. What is interesting about this is that it is not any one specific animal that seems to be favoured. Although dogs make a big hit at the box office, there are also some very prominent movies based on pigs and fish as well as prehistoric animals that have made a name for themselves in the movies. Here there is a post that covers those that are specifically based on animal themes that are considered to be the most popular not only in the past but currently.

Movies and Marketing

The only way that a movie production has a chance of becoming a big hit is through the marketing tactics that must be used to promote it. It doesn’t matter how well made it is the initial marketing has to be done.