When one thinks about a movie, they have enjoyed watching or one they are going to see they don’t often think about how much it cost to produce that movie. However, this is a very important component of any movie that is made. The more that is spent on it usually means that the movie will have more positive aspects to it that relates to how popular it will become.

Most Expensive Movies

Movies are made in many different countries throughout the world. They each have their own budget. One that was considered to be highly expensive to produce was The Drowner which at the time was considered to be the most expensive film shoot that took place in the Western part of Australia. There are several that have been made in other countries that top the $60. Million, which was the expected cost of this movie. However, for this particular one, it means looking back to 2009. Since then, there have been a lot of movies made that have made the most expensive list.

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

This is a movie that was produced in 2011 and is based on a fantasy pirate theme. It is a follow-up to three other movies in the Pirates of the Caribbean series. A movie that no doubt proved to be very popular as at the time it broke the box office record. For 2011 it was the third highest grossing film. It is indicated that it holds the position of being the 31st highest grossing film throughout the world.

Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End

Another sequel in the series of the Pirates of the Caribbean that was estimated to cost 300 million when produced in 2007.


There have been three Avenger films created which are comprised of:

  • Age of Ultron produced in 2015 with an estimated cost of 365 million.
  • End Game produced in 2019 at a cost of 356 million according to estimates.
  • Infinity War produced in 2018 which was estimated to have been at a cost of 316 million.

Justice League

This is a movie that was based on the character in the DC comics, and it is a movie that followed up the Batman versus Superman Dawn of Justice. The budget that was presented for this movie was 300 million. It produced a return on investment with a gross of 657 million based on a worldwide audience. When all was said and done the movie ended up costing the studio about 60 million making it a box office failure.

Solo: A Star Wars Movie

Produced in 2018 for 275 million with a space-western theme. Unfortunately, this one did not produce good box office returns. It is estimated that it grossed 392 million on a worldwide basis. The cost of production was 275 million.

John Carter

For those that looked for new movie releases in 2012, they most likely went to the theatre to see John Carter. A movie that was estimated to cost $264,000. This was a movie with plenty of action. Popularity was based on where it was viewed. For example, in Russia, it was a box office hit where it was able to bring in 284 million. The North American box office was far more disappointing. It is estimated that the production cost 350 million, although only 263 million was budgeted for its production.