When it comes to movies, most people have their favourites. This can be based on the movie genre or stars taking part in it. There are some movies that have been classed as the most watched movies.

Binge Watching

There are some individuals that become so caught up in a particular movie that they will watch it repeatedly. Some may have even set records for film watching where they have watched the same movie many times over.

Most Watched Movies

When it comes to the moviegoers and looking at the movies that they have attended, there are several that have made it to the most watched list.

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone

This was a movie that was produced for children but is one that was enjoyed by adults equally. Harry Potter, the star of the show, discovers that he is a famous wizard. Throughout the movie, he learns more about his abilities and how he became the wizard that he is. It is full of fun, action and intrigue and certainly was able to put a spell on its many audiences.

The Godfather

There are several sequels to the Godfather, but the first movie release was deemed to be the favourite and the most popular of all. As the movie revolves around the Mafia with the son of Don Corleone being the centre of attention. So popular and impressive was this movie it was given the title as being the second greatest movie in American film history.

Home Alone

Another one that was written for kids but entertained anyone of any age. Based on an eight-year old’s antics during the Christmas season who was mistakingly left alone. Throughout the movie, the young one faced many challenges, particularly those that were produced by burglars.

The Lord of the Rings

A fantasy-based film loaded with adventure that was produced by Peter Jackson. The plot of the movie was to destroy one ring, and by doing so, it would also wipe out the ruler of the ring. This was a movie that was enjoyed in many parts of the world.


For those that enjoy movies based on outer space and fantasy subjects, then ET would be at the top of the list. This movie also happened to be one of the most watched movies ever produced. Although based on an extraterrestrial subject it was not one based on fear and horror, but one on love and kindness as ET won the hearts of many not only in the plot of the movie but in the audience itself.

Terminator Two Judgement Day

One of the attractions for the large audiences that attended this movie was the famous Arnold Schwarzenegger. True to his style throughout the movie, his actions and fighting skills were well displayed. In this particular movie, he took on the role of a robot named T800. His responsibility in the movie was to fight another robot by the name of T1000.

The Lion King

It is hard to believe that an animated film would make it to the most watched movies list. However, the Lion King did just that. There was a little bit of sadness to the movie when Simba’s father Mufasa is murdered. However, from this point on the movie is uplifting and attention grabbing from start to finish.