There are many different themes that movies are based on, and most moviemakers will focus on those that they believe are going to bring the most attention. One that fits into this category is those that revolve around animals.

Dogs in the Movies

There are many dog lovers throughout the world, and they are an attraction no matter whether they are a pet or whether they are the star of a movie. Even those dogs that make the news draw a large readership.

Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey

This is a movie that captured the hearts of many and was produced in 1993. It was a reproduction of the original movie called the Incredible Journey which was produced in 1963. The canine stars of the movie were a bulldog by the name of Chance and his counterpart which was a golden retriever called Sassy. Throughout the movie, these two dogs, along with their feline friend Sassy, go on a journey to find their way home.

Other Animal Movies

There are numerous movies that have been produced based on the animal theme.

The Lion King

One of the most well-known names when it comes to movies that involve animals would be the Lion King. Although animated, it brought great joy to the young and the old that took the time to watch it. In fact, many that watched it once, watch it again. It was a movie full of music with a wonderful storyline based on a young lion cub whose father was murdered and the young lion was left to his own devices.

Finding Nemo

It is hard to believe that a movie based on fish would become so popular as what the ones in this animated movie did. The storyline is based on a father(blowfish) who is overprotective. However, his overprotective qualities were not able to protect his son Nemo from being abducted. The storyline carries through the quest of the father to locate his long lost son. So popular was the movie that there was a follow-up sequel called finding Dory in 2016.

Ice Age

This is a movie that involved animals that had a different take to it. Here the animals were those that existed during the Ice Age and the storyline is their migration to the South so that they can escape the deadly harm of the winter. It is a heartwarming story that holds the attention of the audience through its entirety


This is a movie that is a combination of an Australian and American film. It dates back to 1995, and the character of the story is a pig by the name of Babe. As many know, pigs are often raised for food, but Babe had no intentions of this as all Babe wanted to do was to herd sheep. Babe was able to escape his fate of becoming a staple on the dinner table by becoming a show pig in the local fair.

There are many other great animal based films that could be added to this list.